Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Let Them Buy Earrings

The last 'first lady' to utter a truly flippant remark about her subjects then going through an economic crisis didn't fair so well. That was Marie Antoinette whose reply after being told that the French were in dire straights was "let them eat cake." She paid for her flippancy on the guillotine.

Clearly, Michelle Obama is not a student of history.

It seems that Ms. Obama is complaining about the $600 economic stimulus check that she received from the government to help bring our economy out of the doldrums. Displaying the same degree of clueless and calous elitism as her legandary predecessor, Ms. Obama recently "complained the government’s $600 economic stimulus check was only enough to buy 'a pair of earrings' . . ." Protein Wisdom has the story.


vinny said...

It is really amazing that she received a stimulus check, considering that the Obamas earned millions from book sales. Many middle class Americans subject to alternative minimum income tax did not receive any money back this year. They saw this stimulus package as another form of transfer of wealth; essentially higher middle class taxes and lower taxes for those with low incomes and creative accountants. How does Michelle Obama qualify for this tax rebate? Did the Obamas actually earn a combined income of less than 150k to avoid alternative minimum income tax? I would guess this was one of the reasons they were buying multimillion dollar real estate properties, while those of us who couldn't afford such purchaces paid extra in taxes and received nothing from that stimulus package. If this government will go the way of Britain and fail to protect its citizens, then the only solution will be to refuse to pay taxes and effectively put an end to these disgraceful political parasites. Then, the Obamas can dig ditches for a living.

MK said...

I knew it, bunch of elitists. You would think being socialists and all that she'd be happy to receive money from the government. Perhaps it was the bit about all getting the money or that it wasn't her handing it out that brought about the scorn.

Joanne said...

Michelle is some stupid or a snob. Who pays $600 for a pair of earrings anyhow? Not the average American; six hundred dollars can feed a family for a month. And Obama is upset that conservative news stations are going after his wife. Well, tell her to put a sock in it then. A woman that dumb should have a muzzle.