Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Interesting News - 1 Jan. 2008

"Never bet against the American soldier. King George III did. He lost. Jefferson Davis did. He lost. Hirohito did. He lost." And this year, it was Don Surber’s "Loser of the Year," Nancy Pelosi’s foolish bet.

As Iraqi celebrates the New Years, Brussels cancels their fireworks over threats of terrorism.

Ralph Peters interviews Gen. Petraeus on Christmas Day about the "Year of Wonders." Notable is Petraues’s explicit statement, contrary to assertions by the highest levels of our State Dept., that Iran is continuing to train and arm Shia proxies in Iraq.

Party like its 1499 B.C. This is some archeology we can all appreciate – uncovering a Bronze age Irish brewery and trying out the old recipes.

Over 150 billion petrodollars have flooded Iran’s coffers during the 30 month Presidency of Ahmedinejad. So why are Iran’s economic hardships increasing?

An interesting article on Iran’s byzantine political structures and circles of influence.

Frontpage Magazine has an interview with Homa Arjomand, the Coordinator of the International Campaign Against Sharia Court in Canada.

Analyzing Sarkozy’s decision to end relations with Syria until Syria stops its meddling in the internal politics of Lebanon’s election of a President.

After a survey across the "length and breadth of the country," it appears that Indian men are not quite measuring up, so to speak.

The Washington Times memorializes the Canadian Islamic Congress human rights complaint against Mark Steyn, charging him with hate speech for quoting Imams. This is nothing more than Wahhabi dissimulation – the hallmark of the Wahhabi Salafi religion that claims any criticism is hate speech. And the Canadian Human Rights Commission is appeasing them. Outrageous.

From Caroline Glick: "If democracy and freedom are the U.S.’s ultimate aims in this war, the only way to achieve them is to first fight and win the war. Bhutto – like her Palestinian, Egyptian and Lebanese counterparts – was a sideshow."

At the NYT, Pinch Sulzberger welcomes the staff back from what he hopes for each was a "wonderfully secular winter solstice," announces the hiring of Bill Kristol as a columnist, and gives the staff helpful pointers on how to understand and interact with a neo-con.

A Pakastani Imam and head of a madrasa tells of his dream to bring Sharia law to Pakistan and then Britain, by force if necessary.

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