Thursday, July 3, 2008

For Every Action, There Is An Equal & Opposite Reaction

The title is a statement of Newton's 3rd Law of Motion. But it applies in many ways to society where imposing tyrannical acts against the will of the majority will cause a reaction over time. And so it is in Britain, where the Labour government and chattering class have opened the flood gates to immigration - and particularly to immigration from Islamic countries - and where the British are watching their nation being changed against their will and without their say. Indeed, to criticize immigration, multiculturalism, or Islam leads inevitably to being demonized by the socialist echo chamber - if not prosecuted by the state. The British people are incredibly slow to act, but act they are. Melanie Phillips writes that it is showing today in support for the British National Party, a party with deeply racist roots.

This from Melanie Phillips:

It is a source of great concern that far too many otherwise decent British people now refuse to believe that the British National Party is what it is -- a bunch of viciously racist and anti-Jewish bigots. The recent debacle in the Henley by-election, where the BNP did better than either the Labour party or UKIP , shows that it is now tapping into a disturbing level of support.

This is for two reasons. First, like all far right parties it opportunistically seizes upon genuine grievances that mainstream politicians will not address. At present these centre around the deliberate erosion of British national identity through unlimited immigration and a refusal to tackle the growing Islamisation of Britain. Mainstream liberal opinion holds that even to identify this as a problem is racist or ‘Islamophobic’. The result is that the truly racist BNP (which uses concern about Muslims to camouflage its real animosity against all Asians, people of colour and Jews) has seized upon these issues – with the further result that because it has done so, this ‘proves’ to the liberal classes that these issues are indeed racist. Which, of course, they are not. The idea that the only alternative to cultural and national suicide is neo-fascism is ludicrous. Yet that is precisely what liberal opinion, which demonises all attempts to uphold national identity as racist, holds.

The second reason is the fact that the BNP set out to sanitise its image of such unfortunate connotations of bigotry -- going so far as to brandish support for Israel against Hezbollah, for example, to underpin its claim to be an entirely respectable party backed by Jews, black people and other minorities, all united in the mainstream cause of defending British national identity and western values against attack.

. . . And so on, and rabidly on. So much for the supposedly sanitised BNP. When it comes to bigotry, it’s just more of the same old same old.

To repeat: fascists and neo-fascists have always exploited genuine grievances which have been ignored by mainstream politicians. As the Muslim Tory candidate Ali Miraj points out, it is the fact that our current mainstream political class has either ignored or actually caused the destruction of British national identity and is now busily appeasing the Islamists who seek to colonise the ruins which has created a powder keg among the indigenous British community and given the BNP its current opportunity. The two are symbiotically linked.

Who is to blame for the rise of the BNP? Labour’s zealot nation-destroyers and the feeble hand-wringers of the Conservative party.

Read the entire article. The BNP may be an odious organization, but they are touching ever greater mainstream grievances that not only have the chattering classes demonized, but Labour has sought to suppress with the police power of the state. To give you a feel for just how oppressive the Labour party is in silencing free speech and intolerant of any dissent, here is a short recounting of the BNP prosecution:

In 2004, the BBC surreptitiously filmed a speech by members of the British Nationalist Party (BNP). Caught on film were BNP members who described Islam as a "wicked, vicious faith" and who said that Muslims were turning Britain into a "multi-racial hell hole". The Crown used the Public Order Act of 1986 to prosecute the BNP members for stirring up racial hatred. After two lengthy trials, the first of which ended in a partial hung jury, the BNP members were acquitted. Their attorney argued at both trials that the speech was a part of legitimate political discourse. Gordon Brown commented after the trial:

Laws protecting Britain's ethnic and religious minorities may be tightened after the leader of the British National Party was cleared of trying to stir up racial hatred, Chancellor Gordon Brown said last night.The Chancellor promised a fresh look at the law in the light of the decision of a jury at Leeds Crown Court yesterday to clear BNP leader Nick Griffin and his fellow activist. . . Mr Brown said: "Mainstream opinion in this country will be offended by some of the statements that they have heard made. Any preaching of religious or racial hatred will offend mainstream opinion in this country. And I think we have got to do whatever we can to root it out, from whatever quarter it comes."

Does that take your breath away - trying to convict someone and sentincing them for up to seven years in prison for "offending" "mainstream opinion?" PM Gordon Brown will never be confused in the history books with Voltaire. It is both amazing and telling that Brown's statement raised not a hue and cry in Britain. . . .

Read the entire post. It says much that the electorate of Britain are turning to the BNP as their only outlet as they watch society being deconstructed around them. That this will all come to a head at some point is inevitable.

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