Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tis the Season

It is completely fitting that, as the 4th of July should approach, there should be the whiff of rebellion in the air against the tyranny of Britain's government. The British have seen their historic rights degraded over the past century. And over the past decade, Britain's Labour government has gone far to deconstructing the anglo-saxon society built over a millenia. Further, the government now acts to transfer the sovereign power of the country - invested in the first instance with the electorate - to a foreign power who exerts rule and taxation on the people of Britain without their say. The Queen, who in her coronation oath swore, as did a millenia of monarchs before her, to uphold the rights and laws of the people of Britain, has failed her oath and acquiesced to the trampling of British freedoms and democracy.

This all has the good folk at that fine blog, Brits At Their Best, contemplating thoughts Samuel Adams would find familiar. Brits At Their Best are reviewing the historical grounds for ridding the kingdom of monarchs who betrayed their oath and are applying the grounds to the situation of today. Given the recent success of the BNP in the Henley by-election, it would seem that many of their countrymen would concur. The progenitors of modern Britain proved quite willing to fight dearly for their rights when pushed too far. There is no reason to suspect that their blood has been diluted in the current generation.

A P.S. to my friends across the pond: Some acts of civil disobedience to galvanize the public and to really get the process started may be advisable. Dressing up as Indians and tossing about 40 tons of tea into the Boston Harbor did it for us on this side of the pond. If you would like to do something similar, we would be happy to donate the Indian costumes.


Anonymous said...

Interesting provocation. I would imagine that dressing up like leprechauns might be more appropriate in the British Isles. Happy 4th.

Dinah Lord said...

Here I was thinking it would be a good idea for them to adopt Muslim garb and toss a few bacon wrapped Korans in the Thames. That might do the trick....

Hope you had a good 4th, GW.