Friday, September 12, 2008

Amazingly, This Is Not A McCain Palin Ad . . .

. . . yet.

(H/T Gateway Pundit)


Joanne said...

They have to make sure the garbage is taken away - is that what Obama thinks are priority jobs for Mayors? Gee, even when he is suppose to be giving Mayors credit for the great jobs they do, he still manages to belittle them. Sure garbage collection is a vital role in any town or city, as we all well know, but come one, Obama can't think of anything more important....he mentions filling potholes and trimming trees?

I also wonder how he thinks he isn't belitting Mayors when he talks down about Palin's experience as a Mayor, but Palin was suppose to have been belittling all community organizers because she is comparing the role of a Mayor to a community organizer.

Ymarsakar said...

Make sure the garbage is taken away... indeed. DC needs quite a lot of that expertise.