Thursday, September 18, 2008

Obama & The "Family" Of Fannie Mae

From Right Voices.

Bill Clinton was the man who created the monster of Fannie Mae by forcing the reduction of lending standards. Congressional Democrats thereafter protected Fannie from Bush administration and McCain attempts to reign in Fannie Mae. The top two individuals in the Senate with ties to Fannie Mae were Senators Dodd and Obama. Chris Dodd was the man in charge of regulating Fannie. He resisted all attempts to tighten regulation on Fannie Mae, killing McCain's proposed legislation. He received the most in campaign donations from Fannie and, as a "friend of Angelo," received an illegal sweetheart mortgage deal from Fannie-related Countrywide. Number two on the list for taking money from Fannie is Obama. He has sought advice from the former head of Fannie, Franklin Raines - the same guy who oversaw a multibillion dollar accounting scam at Fannie - and chose a former Fannie CEO to head his VP search.

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suek said...

Does anyone have any idea how Raines got the job in the first place? Who or what group was responsible for hiring him?