Saturday, September 27, 2008

McCain-Biden Ad Attacking Obama On Iraq Funding Vote

In last night's debate, McCain raised the issue that Obama's vote against funding for out soldiers in Iraq was putting poitics ahead of the lives of our soldiers. This ad highlights that again. The fact that Biden is the one making the impassioned charge against Obama make this ad all that much more effective.

(H/T Stop The ACLU)


vinny said...

Even in today's WSJ, there is a dumb article blaming the current fiscal crisis on Bush's policies. Sheesh is there no major newspaper willing to report honestly?

Anonymous said...

you should look at cspan now: live talk by tancredo

Joanne said...

Obama is for the killing of babies born alive after a botched abortion, do you really think he cares about the troops over in Iraq? If you vote against funding the troops who are currently fighting in a war, how can you say you actually care about the number of deaths and wounded of the men and women. I wonder if Obama thinks the American soldiers killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians, like most of his party believed.