Friday, September 26, 2008

The Debate Is On

Fox News is announcing that John McCain will attend tonight's debate. More details to follow.


Joanne said...

Quite frankly, I always figured McCain would make it to the debates. I hope Obama is practicing his 'duhs' and 'uhs'; they make him look like a great orator and sound so intellectual and all.

vinny said...

As I have been saying for days, the media will report this as a victory for obama; no matter what is said and who speaks with reason. It is a sham. Eventually though, people will ask: what is the point to talking. We might see a complete civil breakdown. Just consider the package, Reid and co. are trying to jam down our throats: Contribute 140 billion of dollars (20%of 700) to fraudulent organizations such as ACORN Assuming there are about 140 million taxpaying households in this country, would mean that each taxpayer will contribute 1,000$ to ACORN? HELL NO! Of course, Obama will try to stick the whole bill to middle class, as he derides middle America.