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Subprime Crisis: The Spin Versus C-Span

This is a pretty devastating indictment. It is 8 minutes long.

The problem with socialism is that it uses redistribution to give away money for free. That is precisely what the subprime loan crisis is all about. Rather than helping people meet the appropriate standards for loans, the left simply lowered the standards to redirect the lending of money. It has brought us to the brink of depression.

Let's go down the brief history of this fiscal crisis that brought us to our knees today.

1. President Clinton wanted to establish more home ownership among minorities. Rather than establish a program to work with individuals to bring credit scores up and help with budgeting problems, he simply ordered that loan standards be removed, thus opening up the subprime market.

2. President Clinton then set AG Janet Reno off to punish institutions that refused to lower their lending standards and he used Government Sponsored Enterprise's (GSE's) - Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac - to push subprime lending in a massive way.

3. It was clear from the start that this was incredibly risky. And the warnings of how dangerous this was from the center and from the right, including such people as Clinton Treasury Sec. Larry Summers, were ignored by the left.

4. By 2003, the house of cards was exposed. OFHEO blew the whistle on massive accounting fraud at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The Bush administration attempted to institute tighter regulation of Fannie Mae. What you see in the above video are snippets from the hearing, where the Democrats, Barney Frank at the lead, lined up foresquare against any sort of new regulation, calling subprime lending an acceptable practice and the GSE's Fannie and Freddie fundamentally sound.

5. Again in 2005, Republicans in the Senate Banking Committee tried to reign in these institutions and the massive subprime lending with significant new regulation that would have stopped this. McCain co-sponsored this legislation, speaking on the floor of the Senate warning of the dire consequences to our entire economy if Fannie and Freddie failed. That legislation was killed in committee when Senator Dodd and every Democrat lined up against it. Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer gave speeches against this new legislation. Obama did not engage in the debate. He was at the bank cashing Fannie Mae campaign contributions.

6. When the downmarket hit in 2007, Senators Dodd and Schumer came up with the brilliant idea of lowering the standards even more so that Fannie and Freddie could by up even more subprime mortgages.

7. And as had been clear from Day 1, when Fannie and Freddie fell, it has now rippled throughout our economy, leaving the taxpayers to foot a $700 billion clean-up.

8. For the left to point to this failure as a Bush legacy is obscene. And to listen to Obama say this was a result of 8 years of failed policies was a lie of incredible magnitude.

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vinny said...

GW, I don't understand how increasing government oversight over fannie and fredie would prevent more bad loans from being made. Government regulation would more likely lead to politically correct decisions, and making sure that minorities are not discriminated against when it comes to banking practices and loan lending. I don't see a government agency placing financial considerations at the top, or even as a part, of their agenda. What is necessary here, is a end to government pressure on banks promoting sub-prime loan practices. Furthermore, financial institutions need to know that bad financial decisions will lead to the suffering of that institution, and there must be strong incentives to prevent the officers of these institutions from poor management/fraud. If we reward incompetence, why would these firms need to hire competent CEO's and employees?