Saturday, September 13, 2008

Analysis of ABC Interview Of Gov Palin Part III - Sexism, Troopergate,

This video contains some overlap with the video in Part II below. At the 4 minute mark, the overlap ends and Gibson begins questioning Gov Palin on sexism. At the 5 minute mark, it overlaps with the video in Part I. (YouTube is incredibly frustrating for differing versions of the interview). It picks up with the book banning and troopergate at 7 minutes.


There is not too much too this part really. Gov. Palin slips Gibson's question on sexism, which was an open invitation to speak about the unhinged people in the media and on the left attacking her ostensibly for holding down a job while raising a family. To her credit, she does not play the victim.

Gibson's other questions allow Gov. Palin to respond to internet rumors that she banned books at the library and that she committed an ethics violation in regards to Troopergate. Both answers seem solid.

There is little to analyze in this video. Considering the entire interview, Palin performed well. She was weak where we knew she would be weak, though not fatally so. On social issues, I think she really helped herself by coming across as principled but reasonable. She came across personality wise as a very sincere and intelligent woman. I could see her as Vice President after the interview. How about you?

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Ymarsakar said...

I could see her as Vice President after the interview. How about you?

I see my foot up Gibson's ... face.

That's what I see.

The video serves no purpose except to make people like me angry. It isn't the interview she participated in. It's a hack job and its only possible alternative benefit is for art of propaganda students like to know, first hand, exactly what the editors thought they were doing.

She seems to be badgered by Gibson. But that's only a perception created through the cuts.

I'll wait to see how her strategy to deal with the media plays out in a few days.