Thursday, September 25, 2008

McCain The Chessmaster

John McCain, dropping in the polls, makes another bold move. He responds to the call Monday from Sen. Harry Reid to get involved in the issue of the rescue operation for our economy. He cancels campaigning, goes to Washington to take part in the negotiations on the operation, invites Obama to do the same, and announces he will not take part in Friday's foreign policy debate if the rescue operation has not been nailed down. My own take - a chess move that is both risky and brings a reasonable potential of high reward. Patterico worries that this was a mistake. I disagree.

I have no way of knowing how much of McCain's decision is cold political calculus and how much is "country first," but I would suspect it is both. This move does several things for McCain. One, it gives McCain the aura of being decisive and serious about this economic crisis, making Obama, who I believe has yet to take a position on the rescue plan, appear yet again indecisive by comparison. In a game of one-upsmanship, McCain just did a slam dunk. Bush has since invited Obama to take part in the negotiations and Obama has accepted.

Powerline thinks it is a mistake for McCain to pull out of the Friday debate. I disagree. While this crisis is ongoing, the crisis would grossly overshadow the Friday debate which is on McCain's greatest strength, foreign policy and national security. McCain's action gives him a viable reason for pulling the plug on this debate right now and rescheduling it.

I do not see how Obama could realistically justify refusing to reschedule this debate, but then again, given that Obama has the full backing of the MSM, we have to wait and see. I can see Obama refusing to reschedule and the MSM doing their best to support him. If that were to succeed, it would be a net negative for McCain. But given that Obama has argued that the debate should go on in the face of the greatest fiscal crisis since the depression because a President should be able to multitask, as I post below, McCain has a counter-argument that ought to really sting Obama.

This move also halts Obama's momentum. McCain was taking a bath in the polls as this economic crisis grabbed ever more attention. Regardless of reality, public perception is that the left are better stewards on economic issues. Obama has gained on the economic crisis while McCain has been flailing in response, still not yet responding effectively. This move stops the Obama camp in their tracks from attacking McCain on economic issues while McCain is in Washington. To do otherwise would reflect very poorly on Obama.

And this is one of those rare events where even the far left is - and should be - deathly afraid of playing their usual political games. They are very clearly the root cause of the subprime crisis and they are desperately trying to hide it. If the public sees them as putting the screws to this one and risking a depression for partisan gain, the Democratic party will become not but a historical footnote. So in other words, regardless of how much they want McCain to lose this election, the hand they normally use to stab people in the back with for partisan gain is tied as tight as it will ever be at the moment.

The danger to McCain is that he is unable to rally the right and Republicans get tabbed as being the roadblock to a solution. That would end the campaign here and now. And one can rarely count on our existing group of Congressional Republicans to act with any sort of sanity. That said, while McCain may drive Republicans wild, and while conservative opinion may be against the Treasury plan, I see no other alternative with a hope of passing. If McCain is smart, he will go into negotiations with a requirement that the plan coincide with a reduction in capital gains taxes to preserve people's savings during the hard times ahead. This will make him a conservative hero of sorts and ought to have great appeal to all Americans.

All of this said, when these negotiations are over, it is an absolute necessity that McCain and Republicans tell the tale of how this subprime crisis came to be. McCain clearly does not like attacking his fellow Senators. In this instance, it is his duty to America that this be spelled out from start to finish. Anyone who believes that the left is better trusted with our economy than even the existing sorry group of Republicans in office has bought into a fairy tale - only in this one, Hansel and Gretel get eaten by the Democratic witch.

Lastly, if you have not followed the naked political manuevering of the incredibly inept Harry Reid, inviting and then disinviting McCain, do read up on it at Hot Air. This guy doesn't have the skills or principles be a high school class president, let alone majority leader of the Senate.

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Sillie Lizzie said...

Great job! I REALLY enjoy your blog. Thanks for the good work.

vinny said...

Excellent post. About the fairly tale alusion: I actually have the image of the Pied Piper being the MSM, playing a melody of Obama the savior, while a huge herd of rats jump into a lake and drown. Being dragged along by a humongous tide of rats, are ordinary people pushed to their doom. Scarry story; do you recall what hapenned to Hamelin's children?

This is from Wikipedia on the earliest reference to the pied piper, a 1384 town chronicle entry:
"It is 10 years since our children left."

suek said...

If the Repubs really want to get the _conservative_ wing of the party on board, they need to enlist Newt Gingrich as part or at least party to the solution. He rallied the troops once, I bet he could do it again. After the initial contract with America, he's more believable than most of the Repubs in congress today.