Thursday, September 25, 2008


While the U.S. has turned its attention to getting this fiscal crisis sorted out, the utterly worthless Senate Majority Leader has used this opportunity to try and slip in a ban on shale oil exploration and mining by attaching to one of the bills about to pass through Congress.

Our fiscal problems are multi-fold. Clearly one of the problems is the exploding cost of energy. Our largest reserve of oil is in an estimated 2 trillion barrels of recoverable oil from oil shale. That is more oil than Saudi Arabia has reserves. Harry Reid is now trying to make sure America never has the chance to touch it.

The left is bound and determined to take power and remake America in accordance with their highly unrealistic, utopian paradigm. They do not care if they have to destroy Middle America in the process. As we see today, people like Harry Reid, Chris Dodd and Barney Frank who created this subprime mess and defended it against all attempts at reform, will, when the excrement hits the fan, blame the resulting perfect shit storm on the right. They are clear and present danger to our way of life. They are craven, hypocritical, and beyond shameless.

Tarring and feathering is too mild a response to all of this.


EricTheRed said...

Why would Reid and company want to fix any of our problems, fiscal or otherwise? When anything goes well in this country, Dems lose. Like blood-sucking parasites, the Democrat Party feeds and thrives on American suffering.

Why was Obama so reluctant to suspend campaigning, as McCain did, to haul ass to DC and confront the economic crises? Because he needs that crisis to still exist come Election Day, American homeowners be damned.

Like the little Stalinists they are, Democrats will sell this entire nation's soul to the devil for the sake of gaining power. And this week in particular, it pisses me off!
Jewish and Republican?? Oy gevalt

DenisEugeneSullivan said...


Would someone please try to explain to me why Senator McCain and Governor Palin are not going after Senator Reid and First Woman Speaker of the House Pelosi?

Joanne said...

Waterboard them all.

vinny said...

I saw Reid use the fiscal crisis as an opportunity to slime McCain. After 9/11, the Saudi prince came to NYC and tried to use that terrorist act as an opportunity to blame Jews. This man, Reid, is the same shit-stain, as that Saudi prince.

GW said...

Deniseugensullivan - Your question is dead on point. There has been some of it, but very little. The right is utterly and absolutely clueless when it comes to messaging. The left has it down pat. They attack mercilessly with no regard for truth or falsity, and they try to suck up all the oxygen through repetition. It has worked - quite literally for decades. We are merely watching it play out in the latest act. It is a tremendous disservice to our country - by the right.