Monday, September 22, 2008

An Honorable Campaign?

As we close in on the last month of the political season, the left and the MSM (there is no seraration between the two) are just going over the top to delegitimize McCain, slime Palin and play up the race card. Here are some of the more interesting posts on some of the very disturbing stories:

Dr. Rusty Shackleford at the JAWA Report has done what amounts to a piece of investigative journalism that is a must read. He traces a series of Palin smears to a PR Firm and people with close ties to Obama's senior campaign strategist, David Axelrod. It is an amazing piece of work. And if it turns out to be true, this would be a huge violation of FEC regulations. Ace of Spades is all over this story with background and the rear guard action going on now by the left to scrub the internet of these videos. See here, here and here.

I just listened to an SNL skit about incest between Todd Palin and his daughters. I know Minn. Sen. candidate Al Franken was involved in writing some of the script for this weeks McCain-bashing SNL. I wonder if this was a part of his work.

Amazingly, the Politico is painting race as an issue that Obama is trying to keep out of the campaign. Nothing could be further from the truth. He has tried to play the race card repeatedly himself, and the MSM has been fully complicit in this tactic. Indeed, just today, the NYT has come out with an editorial that seems little more than a chance to paint Republicans as racists based on poor choice of language by two Republican lawmakers over the past year. It hearkens back to the days of Jim Crow and lynching, playing the race card at the same time they completely misrepresent history and today's reality. I did a long post on this here. The Republican Party has been the party of equality and against racism from day 1 of its inception.

At Plumb Bob Blog, two very good posts. The first discusses the Obama/MSM effort to paint the McCain campaign as dishonorable and sleezy. "The Democrats are counting on support from the national press to produce a preponderance of firepower, overwhelming the McCain campaign’s ability to control the narrative by flooding the airwaves with their new and completely manufactured complaint about McCain’s illusive mendacity."

The second post from Plumb Bob Blog discusses the incredible claim that McCain's ad claiming Franklin Raines advised the Obama campaign on mortgages is false. McCain's ad was a claim based on reporting by the Washington Post. And now, it is the Washington Post attacking their own reporting and smearing McCain for having the stupidity to rely on it. It can't get any more surreal than that.

And while the MSM is trying to delegitimize McCain, they are giving a pass to Obama as he is going over the top into falsity. The claim that McCain's support for the privitization of Social Security would have impacted on senior citizens is an outright lie. Hot Air has that story. And then there is the Spanish language ad that is a complete falsification of McCain's positions and takes quotes by Rush Limbaugh wholly out of context in an effort to stir up racist sentiment.

I am not sure how this will further deteriorate, I am just sure it will.

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