Friday, September 26, 2008

Dodd, ACORN and The Penultimate Screwing Of The Taxpayers

The left - those wholly responsible for the subprime crisis - are complaining on every outlet that they "had a deal" that would have passed into law to allow the rescue of the financial industry but for the intercession of John McCain. But the devil is in the details. One of those details is that the left would have used this financial rescue operation as a form of massive public funding for progressive advocacy organizations.

The "deal" to fund the rescue operation of our financial sector that Barney Frank and Chris Dodd proposed would have transferred fully 20% of the proceeds returned from the rehabilitation of assets to the Housing Trust Fund - a slush fund the Dems use to fund "progressive organizations," and in particular ACORN, itself an organization that should be prosecuted under the RICO laws. In other words, Chris Dodd and Barney Frank would have further screwed our nation on a massive scale in order to fund a criminal organization dedicated to putting in power the people who created this fiscal catastrophe. If you are feeling homicidal about now, trust me when I say I suspect there is a lot of that going around at the moment.

I have been waiting for details to emerge of why the "deal" fell apart. I made the mistake of watching CNN last night rather than Fox and missed Sen. Lindsay Graham. He explained why this deal did not occur. Hot Air has the whole story. It is a must read.

ACORN is as a corrupt organization as there is or has been in American politics. Why and how it is still extant given its incredible history of vote fraud is a mystery to me. That said, the Dodd plan would involve a massive transfer of wealth to the HTF, the organization the left has used to funnel virtually all of ACORN's funding.

Any transfer of public funding to ACORN from this bailout would have nothing to do with rehabilitating mortgages or people under threat of foreclosure. It would have nothing to do rehabilitating the financial sector. It would have everything to do with funding vote fraud by the left. This is one for McCain and the right to both shout from the rooftops and fall on their sword over.

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Dinah Lord said...

As if the $ to ACORN wasn't outrageous enough. How about the polar icebreaker that the DEMS added to the bailout deal?

Hybrid car batteries, a 10% increase in the food stamp program, it goes on and on.

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