Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Experience . . . Judgement . . . . Dissimulation

Anderson Cooper asks the right question, just not the obvious followup.

Wow. Why didn't Cooper ask Obama why he ignoring that she has been a governor of one of the 57 states, running a $13 billion budget and 25,000 employees. You can't get much more deceptive or be more dissumlating then B.H. Obama.

And if Obama wants apples and apples comparisons, what was he managing while she was Mayor of Wasilla? Recall from Biden's speech, he praised how Obama got 150 people improved health care during his time as a Saul Alinsky follower.

Snowball . . . meet hill.

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Joanne said...

Haven't you heard? Obama has great experience from running his campaign for the presidency! So what did Obama have before the campaign? Are the democrats ever grasping at straws.