Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Howl Out To Hot Air

Hey, guys, c'mon. When you need to refer to Obama's hunting pack descending on Alaska, do you think you could make it heyenas. Wolves are pretty noble creatures and they don't hunt humans. Heyenas, on the other hand, also hunt in packs, they will eat anything on two or four legs, and they eat it alive, not killing it first. Heyenas are out of place in Anchorage - wolve's aren't. Besides, given Obama's Kenyan heritage, it only appropriate to go for hyenas. Let's leave the wolf analogies out of this one.

I'm just asking . . .

1 comment:

KG said...

Jackals, GW..jackals. They're not half as interesting as hyenas and are lower on the food chain.
And they yap. :-)