Friday, September 5, 2008

Excitement - Updated: McCain AND Palin Viewers Higher Numbers Than Obama

38.4 million people tuned in to watch Barack Obama's speech at the Democratic Convention.

Initial figures put those watching Gov. Sarah Palin give her Convention speech just slightly below that figure. Revised figures, including PBS figures, put them above - 40 million.

And in news I did not expect, "Presidential candidate John McCain's acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention drew more television viewers than his rival Barack Obama attracted at the Democratic party's event last week, according to preliminary ratings from Nielsen Media Research." Update: Fox just put the numbers for McCain's speech at 38.9 million, outdoing Obama by half a million viewers.

What I think this means is that a lot of people who had written off the Republican ticket are now taking a second look. The Democratic ticket is no longer new. McCain revitalized interest in his party with a VP choice that is the political equal in brilliance of McArthur's Inchon landing.

Gov. Palin is now viewed more favorably than Obama and McCain's own numbers have benefited greatly from her inclusion.

Conservatives now have hope. McCain's pick of Gov. Palin is a game changer. Hope and Change. I am finally getting it.


Dinah Lord said...


Hope and Change.

Good one.

Trish said...

McCain/Palin is the ticket! As we watch the polls change, we must stay vigilant, else the Dems will pull a fast one! They already have 18-24 year olds cell #'s in their arsenal, and are sending emails now, and will remind those unlikely to get out and vote, on election day, to get their vote out! This tactic is scary in it's design, but might be effective.