Friday, September 5, 2008

The Fierce Urgency of How

She's as good on the stump as she was in speaking to the Republican Convention. Obama gave her the opening by admitting on O'Reilly last night that the surge has been "wildly successful" - and then spinning it by saying that it had worked "beyond anyone's imagination." Underbelly exposed, the moosehuntress goes in to gut her kill while McCain enjoys the spectacle.

Obama and the left are nowhere close to figuring out how to deal with Sarah Palin.

They should already have gleaned by now the dangers of trying to go after her with vicious, ad hominem attacks. The poll numbers and the numbers from her VP speech - both of which exceed Obama's, came about because of the interest generated by all of the attacks on Gov. Palin. And when she didn't wilt and didn't play victim, the boomerang has already started - bigtime. Yet the left, as I have explained ad nauseum in prior posts, just can't stop themselves. Thus we have Gloria Steinam coming out the otherday pronouncing Palin the anti-Christess. We have NOW saying that Sarah Palin is a conservative man. And in probably the most offensive attack to date, Judith Warner writes in the NYT today an article entitled "The Mirrored Ceiling," all but calling Gov. Palin a whore. Here is some of the incredible vitriol heaped by Ms. Warner:

Why does this woman – who to some of us seems as fake as they can come, with her delicate infant son hauled out night after night under the klieg lights and her pregnant teenage daughter shamelessly instrumentalized for political purposes — deserve, to a unique extent among political women, to rank as so “real”?

The rest of the article is equally scandalous. The elite left are so narcissitic that anyone who is not of their circle and that does not hold their views is illegitimate. They are unable to fathom that conservatives are not as they have caricatured them. It is clear that Ms. Warner is of the elite left ilk.

But the Obama campaign itself does not know how to handle Gov. Palin. It was the Obama campaign, while outwardly staying above the ad hominem attacks, actually pushing the Eagleton meme through their surrogates in the MSM in the days leading up to her speech. Hot Air has the rest of the story. Obama tried to respond to Palin's attacks on his experience, but that portended to backfire. Obama's campaign, then officially, at least, decided to ignore Palin. There is too much interest in her for that. So now the latest is to try to turn McCain's attack on Obama - that he was a vacuous celebrity - back against Palin. That is sure to backfire. Obama invited the celebrity comparison with his messianic speeches, his claim to be the "One" we have "been waiting for," his claim that the seas would fall and his "I am a citizen of the world" speech to 200,000 screaming brautwurst eaters. Nothing Palin has done remotely smacks of such hubris or status seeking.

Given the excitement that Palin has ignited, Obama and the far left as a whole are in overdrive trying to figure out a way to stop her between now and November. Obama justified his campaign borrowing the phrase from MLK, the fierce urgency of now. And at the moment, he is in a brutal rear guard action trying to figure out how to save his candidacy. Call it the fierce urgency of how.

Update: The Fierce Urgency Of How - Part II


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I think those were "ad feminem attacks."

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