Wednesday, September 3, 2008

More Slime Oozes From ABC's Troopergate Interview With Alaska State Senator Hollis French

I blogged below on a very serious ethical breach by the Democratic State Senator Hollis French, the person tasked with overseeing the investigation into the Troopergate allegatons against Gov. Palin. He gave an interview to ABC about the investigation, making deprecatory remarks regarding Gov. Palin's honesty and suggesting that he expected she would be hurt by the investigation. If I was Gov. Palin's attorney in that suit, I would be seeking his testicles about now.

It turns out that Hollis French is, in fact, listed on the Obama website as one of his supporters. This is true slime. And ABC is in it up to their necks for running this trash and doing so without pointing out State Senator French's conflict of interest.


Joanne said...


Anonymous said...

You belive this is all the dimmes are giong to come up with during the next 8 years these two people are in the White House. It has not even started yet.

Dinah Lord said...

They are scared out of their wits!

(By a girl! Ha-ha.)

You know I'm loving this, GW.