Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Watcher's Council Results - A Sweep by Gov. Palin

We have a vacancy on the Watcher's Council. If you would like to join, please visit the Watcher's site. You will find a link to instructions on how to apply on the right sidebar of the site.

On to the results. The topic of Gov. Sarah Palin dominated the submissions and the winners this week. The nominees were reviewed and the votes for this week's best posts were tallied by the Watcher. And the winners are:


In the Council category, my post, - Palin in Comparison, a post originally written as a humorous, over the top submission for the Carnival of the Insanities, took first place. It also went viral. This blog does not get that many hits, but after a year of posting, that single post has had over 14,000 hits in a week, accounting for about 20% of the total traffic to this blog over since its inception 10 months ago. I can now offically claim the title of one hit wonder.

Coming in second place was a post by Joshua Pundit, The End Game In Iraq. It is a solid post, though I disagree with most of it. He and I both have strong opinions that usually track, though on this one they don't.

In the Non_Council category, Sarah Palin was represented at the one, two and three spots. Winning this week was The Anchoress for her post, Obama, McCain, Palin & generosity. Second place was a three way tie between Meryl, Women and Sarah Palin, Outside the Beltway, Obama’s Acceptance Speech: The More Things CHANGE, The More They Remain the Same, and the Elder of Ziyon - “Rachel Corrie” - the video. The post I submitted, Big Lizards' The Verdict Is In: McCain Chooses “Transformative” Over “Kicking the Can”, came in tied for third.

You can find a complete list of the voting at the Watcher's site.

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